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    Maharaja Agrasen was born as the eldest son to the Suryavanshi King Ballabh of Pratpnagar, about 5185 years ago, during the Dwapar Yug. Maharaja Agrasen was a Kshatriya and a Suryavanshi and was the elder brother of Shursen Vrishni and elder grandfather of Shri Balrama and Shri Krishna Vrishni born during the last stages of the Dwapar Yuga. The young Prince Agrasen was an icon of non-violence, messenger of peace and well known for his compassion.

    Hindu mythology says that the King of the Devas, Indra wanted to marry Queen Madhavi, the wife of Agrasen and waged a long war. Eventually Narada negotiated peace between them. Agrasen was moved by the suffering of his subjects during the war. Maharaja Agrasen started a severe penance to propitiate Lord Shiva, in the city of Kashi. Pleased with the penance of Maharaja Agrasen, Lord shiva appeared and advised him to propitiate Maa Mahalaxmi. Maharaja Agrasen again started meditating for the blessings of Maa Mahalaxmi, who appeared before him. Goddess Mahalaxmi then blessed Maharaja Agrasen and suggested that he give up his Kshatriya tradition and take up the Vaishya tradition of business for the sake of prosperity of his people. She then asked him to found a new Kingdom and promised that she would bless his descendants with prosperity. So he gave up his Kshatriya tradition.

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Our charity helps those people who have no hope

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